If your restaurant suffers property damage as a result of a fire or storm, Commercial Property insurance will cover the damage to your operation. However, Business Interruption (BI) insurance is needed to step in to help cover your loss of revenue while repairs or rebuilding takes place. BI coverage will also help you meet your Read more about UNDERSTANDING RESTAURANT COVERAGE: BUSINESS INTERRUPTION[…]

ALL NYS Employers: Must conduct Anti-Harassment Compliance Training

New York State requires All employers to comply with the New York State training and policy requirements around preventing sexual (and other) harassment. The New York State website has updated to include videos and a policy that is customizable for businesses The employer website can be found here: https://www.ny.gov/combating-sexual-harassment-workplace/employers Under “Model Sexual Harassment Policy” employers Read more about ALL NYS Employers: Must conduct Anti-Harassment Compliance Training[…]

Is Sexual Harassment Training Mandatory in New York?

A robust sexual harassment policy can help protect your employees and your business. And if your company has employees located in New York State, you’re required to have this policy and provide sexual harassment training.  As of October 2018, all employers in New York must adopt a policy that meets or exceeds the state’s “model sexual harassment Read more about Is Sexual Harassment Training Mandatory in New York?[…]

What’s in your policy?

Recently a nearby condominium community in Woodbury, Long Island suffered a major fire loss causing four or five families to lose nearly everything.  Thankfully everyone got out in time and there were no reported injuries.  As I understand, the cause is still being investigated.  Of those displaced included a young family with a newborn who Read more about What’s in your policy?[…]